Is There Freedom of Speech in Media?


Tyler Dennison, Contributor

If you were to ask this question to someone who has the authority to determine what goes on certain media platforms, they are likely going to say that there is freedom of speech. People who do not have that authority will most likely tell you there is no freedom of speech in the media. A great number of people believe that all media is corrupt, and personally, I would have to agree, to an extent.

Anything in the media that involves politics is definitely a controlled bias. One recent example of this is a podcast called, “The Full Send Podcast.” It interviewed the former president of the United States, but it was taken down shortly after it was uploaded. This is because there is a huge bias in the media right now. People should be able to say what they feel on any subject. It is a constitutional right, and it is slowly being taken away from the citizens of the United States. We should come together as a united country to put an end to the media bias.