SAT Article

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

As a junior, I’m taking the SAT test this year. I’m kinda nervous about the math part, but I’m not that nervous, and science and English I’m pretty confident about. I do pretty well in English, science, and math, so I’m not really nervous. I haven’t learned the any of the math since last year, so it’ll be a memory refresher on how to do a lot of the algebra stuff. I still think I’ll be okay though.

I’m pretty confident on the English and math, so I should be able to just zip right through it pretty easily. I’ll definitely take my time though to be sure that I read the questions carefully. But, I should be okay on these subjects, because I do fairly well in them. I am pretty sure that everyone will do very well on these tests because we’ve had a lot of practice papers to work with. The practice papers helped a lot, and I’m glad that we have them.

Everyone should take their time, and if they do then they should be okay. I would understand if people struggle on the math, but you just have to practice. Practice is key to these test; it is very important that everyone know how to do everything. I’d recommend that everyone practice and take the time they need.