Senior Spotlight: Abbye Murdock

Senior, Abbye Murdock

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Senior, Abbye Murdock

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

The senior I interviewed today was Abbye Murdock.  She had a lot of things to say, here are some of them.

Abbye’s favorite hobby is painting. She likes it so much that she does it when she isn’t in art class. She likes to paint so many different styles of things.  She just paints whatever comes to her imagination. Speaking of art, that is also her favorite subject in school right now. She has taken this class every year for all of her years of high school.

Her favorite class that she has ever taken has been Current Events.  She liked learning about the news and all the things happening around the world. Her least favorite part of high school was Geography, and she said she never wanted to take that class again.

Abbye’s favorite memory of high school has been getting to meet Mrs. Parsons and Ms. Simms.  They are her favorite teachers as a matter of fact.

She doesn’t do any clubs or sports.  She’s is not interested in them.

Abbye’s advice for underclassmen is, “Just try your best and you will make it through.”