OPH Girls Basketball Senior Night


michlynn churchwell

OPH girls senior night

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

The seniors that were recognized their senior night was Halle Piper, Krescene Holscher, Katie Draper, Madisyn MeIntosh, and Alexandra Cerquiero.

They also recognized their senior band member Katie Lanham. She played pep band during the game with the rest of the band members. They played between periods, and they played during halftime. It was all around a good game to watch.

The girls played a very good game last night, they started scoring points left in right from the very beginning of the game. The rebounds, shots, screens, and boxing out was almost perfect. They played a very tough game.

There were a lot of fouls and free throw shots. But, if you’ve played basketball you would know that free throws can help tremendously to win games if you make a majority of them.

The score by half time was 31 to 14, OPH was up by 17 points. They played a really tough first two periods, and it turned out well with teamwork and communication.

After to girls came back from halftime, it was time to get their heads back in the game. They still stayed strong throughout the 3rd and 4th period.

The score at the end of the game ended up being 49 to 32. OPH won their senior night game by 17 points. They never let Martinsville get the best of them and that helped them win the game in the long run.