Winter Ball February 19, 2022

Winter Ball February 19, 2022

Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

Winter Ball is finally back! We have not had a Winter Ball since 2020, and that was right before the pandemic. 

Not every school has a Winter Ball, so not everyone may know what this is, so I will explain. The Winter Ball is a dance, it takes place between homecoming and prom usually around February.  

Thanks to our Student Senate members, we were told that we will have a Winter Ball this year. Winter Ball will be happening on February 19, 2022. I was also informed that the date for the dance could possibly change, they are not sure yet. 

The location of the Winter Ball will be held at Palestine High School Gym. 

Masks will be required.

The time will be from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. 

The cost to get in is $4.00 per person and $7.00 per couple. Pay at the door. 

The Winter Ball will also be formal dressing. 

Concessions and a coffee bar will be available.

Everyone is invited! Come and have fun! Remember to be respectful as well.