OPH Boy’s Basketball vs. Marshall


Gavin Postlewaite

On Wednesday night, the OPH boys’ basketball team took on the Marshall Lions, playing at Marshall. On the bus ride there, everyone was feeling energetic and ready to play. We got there around 5:30, and the varsity team got their workout clothes on and did their pre-game workout. Then, the JV came out of the locker room and they started warming up. The JV game started out really close through the first half. We were trading buckets with them, but we could never grab the lead. They ended up losing but only by a few. The Varsity game started with high intensity and a lot of good gameplay. OPH couldn’t move the ball as well as we usually do; Marshall’s defense was pretty good. We played a zone defense, and their constant moving and quick passes pretty much sliced through our defense. We ended up losing by about 20 and ended our three-game winning streak.