Christmas – True meaning and how to celebrate

Christmas - True meaning and how to celebrate

Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

Christmas, what a beautiful and joyful holiday it is! Filled with families, friends, and joyfulness that seems to bring out the caring, and helpfulness of people. But what is Christmas really about? Christmas is actually about a celebration of God and his great love for others. Enjoy Christmas, but do not forget what it is actually about.  I mean, after all, the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth, also known as the Christ child. I know that some people are not interested in the true meaning of Christmas, but I am here to tell you how the way we celebrate Christmas has changed over our time period. Back when people first experienced Christmas, they found out how to celebrate it through  the birth of Jesus, and that was to go to church when you wake up and spend time at the church interacting with Jesus himself. After church, then they would celebrate with family and presents. Trust me, I get it when you first wake up you wanna run out into your living room and see all the presents under the tree, but the presents are not the reason for the season.  If you have very little or a lot of money, it does not matter either way, you should not be greedy, but it feels like that is how things are now.  Back in the day, like I said, they used to celebrate by going to church and celebrating Christ, but now things have taken a turn toward materialism. The majority of people do not  remember the true meaning of Christmas and are more concerned with what they are receiving.  I know there are several community Christmas Eve services, and there are people who still want to celebrate Jesus, although it diminishes as time goes on.  It is actually very sad and I personally wish others would try to get to know the true meaning of Christmas and not just care about the presents.