Freshman Spotlight: Halee Smallwood


Makinley Bonesteel

Halee Smallwood freshman spotlight

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Halee Smallwood’s favorite part about high school is seeing different people in each class; she likes being able to meet new people. Halee said she was nervous about getting lost and not being able to find out which class she was going to.

Halee’s least favorite things about high school are the stairs and the crowded halls. Her favorite classes are Spanish and Biology. Halee doesn’t really have a reason why; she just likes them.

With her free time outside of school, Halee hangs out with friends and does homework. She also likes to watch movies. Halee is not involved in any sports or clubs. She said she likes to do fundraisers, though.

Her favorite colors are blood red and pastel pink. When she grows up, she would like to go into the criminal justice field. Her favorite TV show is Riverdale; she has liked it for a while now.

For her favorite food, HaleeĀ  said she likes anything lemon.