Vegetable Fried Rice


Veggie Fried Rice!

Stephanie Rudd

Last night, I wanted to recreate some Chinese food, but I could not decide what to make. Finally, I decided to make vegetable fried rice; it was quick and simple. It does not take very much time to make or a lot of ingredients unless you would like to spice it up even more. For my fried rice, I used a whole box of white rice, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, eggs, bamboo shoots, baby corn, bean sprouts, carrots, and red bell peppers.

To begin, you cook the rice and set it aside to cool for a bit before throwing it into a pan with oil. Before the rice cools down enough to fry, scramble some eggs; keep them to the side until near the end. While cooling, pour sesame oil into your hot pan and add your vegetables into the pan, sauteing them until tender and slightly brown. Then, add your rice. Once your rice, vegetables, and oil are combined, let it simmer for a minute. Throw in your scrambled eggs after letting the mix simmer. Then, go ahead and add your soy sauce to the rice. Stir around and incorporate all ingredients together in the pan. Allow to sit and fry for a minute and stir. Add your desired amount of soy sauce and enjoy! You can add anything you think you would enjoy to this meal; the possibilities are endless with fried rice. Whatever your preference is, that is up to you!