Mechanical or Wood Pencils


Michlynn Churchwell

Two different pencils. Which one would you use?

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Would you rather use mechanical or wood pencils? I personally would use wooden pencil because they are so much more convenient for me. I’d rather sit there and sharpen a pencil all day instead of putting more lead in my pencil once a day.

I think it’s so much less annoying to use wooden pencils because they don’t break as much. I think sharpening a pencil is more convenient than lead breaking all of the time. I like how a wooden pencil ends up smoothing out the lead, but a mechanical pencil just sharpens the lead on one side.

I feel like it’s a waste of money to use a mechanical pencil because you either have to keep buying lead, or you have to keep buying the pencils. With wooden pencils you can use them for weeks or even months if you take care of them right. I can make a wooden pencil last me for a month or two, and I just think it’s so much more convenient. So, in the end I choose wood pencils all the way.