Do We Have a Short Christmas Break?

Tyler Dennison, Contributor

A standard Christmas break length for a high school is about 3 weeks in total. Typically, schools will start their Christmas break on December 23rd or the 24th, and the day that they will typically bring you back from your Christmas break is on January 6th. Out of the three schools I chose to compare, Lincoln Trail College has the longest Christmas break, with a total of 25 days including weekends, and 17 days not counting weekends. Next we have Robinson High School, and Palestine High School. Both schools have the same amount of days in their Christmas break. Their Christmas breaks are a total of 18 days counting the weekends, and 12 days not counting the weekends. So with that being said, LTC has an entire week longer Christmas break than both Robinson, and Palestine. So according to the standard amount of time to be on Christmas break, Robinson, and Palestine both have 3 days less than standard. That doesn’t sound like much, but 3 days is a lot to a  high school kid.

Christmas Break start and end dates:

LTC – 12/15-1/10

PHS – 12/17-1/4

RHS – 12/17-1/4