BasketBall Dressup

Shyan Dunlap, author

This year, both of our OPH basketball teams are hosting dress-up themes at each home game. The fan who attends the most games will win a $50 gift card. At the end of the season, there will be a drawing to win a $20 gift card just for showing up to the games. Every time you go to a game, you earn another chance to win. If you attend five of the girls’ games and six of the boys’ games, you will receive a free tee-shirt from your administrator!

Girls’ Basketball Themes:

12/2     Fun Hats     in Palestine

12/13     ‘Merica     in Palestine

12/16     Bowties and Pearls     in Oblong

12/18     Ugly Sweaters     in Oblong

1/11     PJ’s     in Oblong

1/13     Beach     in Oblong

2/3     OPH gear     in Palestine


Boys’ Basketball Themes:

12/2     Color Tie Dye     in Hutsonville

12/6     PJ’s     in Hutsonville

12/10     Black Out     in Oblong

12/17     Christmas     in Oblong

1/4     Redneck     in Oblong

1/14     Space Out     in Hutsonville

1/15     Neon     in Oblong

1/24     Construction     in Oblong

2/1     Beach     in Hutsonville

2/11     ‘Merica     In Oblong

2/15     Babies vs. Elderly     in Hutsonville