Best Rotten Tomato Christmas Movies

Tyler Dennison, Contributor

These are the top ten best Christmas movies of all time according to Rotten Tomato Ratings.  Starting with number ten:

10 ¨A very Harold and Kumar Christmas¨ — In most people’s worlds, the holidays are a time to reunite with friends and loved ones, and in Harold and Kumar’s world, the holidays are a time to reunite, get high, and inadvertently nearly ruin the holidays for everyone else.

9 ¨Just Friends¨ — But Just Friends offers some holiday haters the dream scenario of being able to return home and flex on everyone they’ve ever met. Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, a boy who left his home as a chunky dork and has returned as a shredded record executive who unexpectedly runs into all of his high school friends and foes.

8 ¨The Night Before¨  — Their dream is to find a fabled epic party that takes place on Christmas Eve, and after years of searching they may finally get there, if all of their drunken and drug-addled shenanigans don’t get in the way.

7 ¨Planes Trains, and Automobile¨ —  For a change of pace, this holiday classic actually takes place on Thanksgiving. In the film, sardonic straight man Steve Martin wants nothing more than to get home to his family for the holiday, but he runs into the boisterous and endlessly irritating Del Griffith (played by the unforgettable John Candy).

6 ¨Home Alone Lost in New York¨  —  Being the forgotten family member at the holidays may be a familiar feeling, or on the other hand, the thought of being abandoned alone in a mansion with the opportunity to come up with some near Jigsaw-level booby traps for unsuspecting strangers might be thrilling too.

5 ¨In Bruges¨ —  Ken has taken Ray to a beautiful town in Belgium called Bruges. Under the guise of waiting for orders from their Boss, but the truth is that Ken is trying to give Ray a lovely experience that the oafish, uncultured man loathes from start to finish.

4 ¨Krampus¨ — This is the premise of the wonderful holiday horror movie Krampus. It’s safe to say that this movie will either make holiday haters appreciate their relatively tame holidays or feel like a fantasy come to life for those who truly loathe Christmas.

3 ¨Die Hard¨ — When it comes to non-holiday holiday movies, Die Hard is pretty much the pinnacle. Yes, it takes place during Christmas, but with all of the constant death and explosions it’s easy to forget that ’tis the season.

2  ¨Bad Santa¨ — Thorton’s character Willie takes on the role of Santa with the intention of robbing the department stores where he works on the holiday season, but it seems to go all wrong for this experienced thief.

1   ¨The Nightmare Before Christmas¨ — The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fantastic dual Halloween and Christmas movie, but the fact that Jack tries to assimilate into Christmastown only to realize that’s just not his vibe is a story that will likely resonate with many winter holiday haters. The holidays aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s just fine.