Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving


Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

My grandma said her first tip was to plan ahead. She says to make as much as you can the day before so that you’ll be ready for the next day. She makes all the pies and noodles the day before, so we can just heat them up the next day. She also says to have everything age appropriate for kids and adults too. So, if there is wine for the adults, you have to make sure there is something for the kids to drink, so nobody’s left out.

Her second tip is to make everyone smile and make everyone feel welcome, because who would want to go if they didn’t feel welcome? Grandma also says it’s always good to stay positive, and try to make everyone happy.

She says don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep a positive outlook on things. As long as you stay positive everyone else should be too. Take your time to have fun and try to avoid drama so everyone has fun.

Her fourth tip is to have a good time; enjoy as much time with family as you can, especially if you barely see some of your family members. Make time with family count so that you remember the holiday in a positive way. Try to have a good time, and try to make sure everyone else is having a good time too. You don’t want your Thanksgiving to be remembered as one of the bad holidays.

Have fun, visit with everyone as much as you can, and make the holidays count where it should and have fun.