Outer West Market: Community Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is the time for being with family and friends and celebrate for everything they are thankful for. It could mean going out of town and visiting relatives or friends.  It could also mean staying home and enjoying your loved ones from there.  But there are some situations where that doesn’t happen. 

People may not have loved ones who have anyone or they can’t travel to celebrate.  That’s when churches decided to give back and provide a Thanksgiving meal for them.  Outer West Market Church in Palestine, Illinois, has been doing just that for many years.  No matter what the situation is, you are welcomed to come and enjoy a nice meal on them, from the turkey to all the trimmings.  They will even deliver the meals to the families who can’t get out and come to the church that day.   

Many churches around the area have been providing Thanksgiving meals for many years.  Highland Church of Christ has been providing meals for years too.  People are never turned away for anything.  They are always welcomed to sit down and enjoy a nice hot meal and maybe visit with people that they haven’t seen for a while.  Both churches have served over hundreds of people each year, and that is what Thanksgiving is truly about, giving to people.