Witches of the Fam and Some Advice On how To Deal With Them


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Thanksgiving is a time where people come together. Thanks giving is also a time where many people can argue and fight.

Destinee Mahlmeister, Editor

So, we all have that one family member that you don’t want to see, but have to during Thanksgiving, Even if you don’t, we could all learn about some of them, and here are some of the things we have learned.

We all have our reason for not wanting to see a certain family member. Maybe they have different political news. They could be super annoying. They could say really rude stuff too every time you see them, or you could have had a fight before all of this.

Here is some advice on how to deal with those family members.  If you really want to, you can just grin it and bear it, and smile until Thanksgiving’s over and all that stuff. Another thing you could do would be to try to be nice to these people and see if you can try to get along just for one night or make up from the fight you had with that family member.

Sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way and people get angry and yell, but it would be nice if we could all get along just for one night.  Hopefully this article will be of some help to you and if not hopefully it was fun too read.