T-day games


Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

We all love Thanksgiving because it lets us spend time with family or loved ones. We all know about the big meals we have on Thanksgiving, but what about games after you’re done eating?

Most people make up game ideas to play, especially when there are little kids expected, or you could make up party games you can let little kids play. We all know the game that if you answer wrongly you get hit with whipped cream, but instead, why not use a pumkin pie? Or you can have a pie eating contest, or  play leaf float or feather float. The person whose feather or leaf floats longer wins.  Or you could play any classic game like card games or Uno or maybe you could play Wii family games.

I asked Gavin Postlewaite what he played on Thanksgiving and he said, “I play card games or sometime Monopoly with my family,” so board games with family is a go to activity for families.

I know some older people in families like to play Bingo, and maybe the little ones would like Bingo, too! Little kids would also probably love Turkey Tic-Tac-Toe. I know some people also like Mad-Libs, so you could make up a Thanksgiving themed Mad-Lib to play this Thanksgiving. Some people also love tossing stuff, so you can make a pumpkin toss cutout to play Cornhole with everyone. You could also play Scrabble and try to spell Thanksgiving themed words!

Some people also love Checkers, so why not make some pumpkin themed Checkers to play with everyone? I know some people love Family Feud, so you can play some Family Feud, but just make it Thanksgiving themed. I am sure you and your family will get some laughs out of this game.

I hope you find some games in this article that you might play with your family this Thanksgiving.