Door Dash In Crawford County


Shyan Dunlap, author

Robinson has many different fast food places all around town, but there aren’t too many that deliver, unless you want pizza, that is. But now we have more options for getting food brought to us. McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and JB’s Steakhouse are the four businesses that are on Crawford County’s new Door Dash app so far.

Make an account to have food brought to you at home. You will have to pay a bit more but the Dashers delivering your food have to make money somehow, and gas is expensive nowadays. Last I checked, if delivering food to somewhere in Robinson, there is no delivery fee, but that could have changed.

Another great thing about Door Dash coming to Crawford County is the job opportunities. You have to be at least 18, have an insured car, and a valid driver’s license to be a “Dasher,” or someone who drives for Door Dash. They do run a background check. Right now not many people know we have Door Dash, but once word gets out and the app gets used more, there will be a bigger need for Dashers.

Dashers can go through the drive thru or go inside to pick up the food, and then they just drop it off at your door.