Unreasonable prices of Gasoline


Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

Gas prices are slowly killing our economy and making us very stressed.  As a result, our paychecks are not able to go as far as they used to. People who drive to school, work, and other places have to learn how to manage their money wisely so that they can keep gas in their car to be able to travel to their destination.

Five years ago, in 2016, gas prices were $1.94.  This year in January, the gas prices were $2.33 for a gallon, and have increased over a dollar a gallon to $3.45 a gallon today. People typically fill their gas tank up one time per week. This usually depends on the type of vehicle you own. That is at least a $16.00 a week increase, which would add up to $64.00 a month.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck so these increases on gas make their life more difficult than it may already be. That makes people more frustrated than they may already be, which causes them to be angrier than normal.  Finally, this may cause people to suffer with their own problems such as mental health, because they have to focus on managing their money carefully due to the horrible prices of gas that we are now paying in today’s world.