Unreasonable Prices for Groceries


Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

Groceries are a necessity to have. You need them to live, so much so that they are literally a matter of life and death. They help support you and your family’s needs to make sure they are well taken care of. Because of how important they are, it gets scary and frustrating when prices increase.

The current prices of groceries are very irresponsible and out of control. Can you believe at one point in time the prices for groceries were actually very stable? I believe it was true in the past. 

In 1991, a couple could spend $35 per week on groceries and be fine, although they did not buy name brand products.  These days, the average person spends up to $143 to $214 within a week. In addition, if that couple were to buy bathroom necessities, laundry necessities, toiletries, and cleaning supplies it would add up to a bigger price, and that means less money and more stress and that is only a weekly thing.