Illinois State Scholars!


Stephanie Rudd

Palestine High School three 2021 Illinois State Scholars, Makinley Bonesteel, Gavin Postlewaite, and Krescene Holscher!

Stephanie Rudd, Contributor

Palestine High School’s three Illinois State Scholars for 2021 are Gavin Postlewaite, Krescene Holscher, and Makinley Bonesteel. These smarty pants are the highest Grade Point Average out of the class of 2022. This means that they are the top 10% of the states graduating high school seniors, which is a pretty big deal.

The Illinois State Scholar awards are given out to high school seniors who possesses superior academic potential. This honor rewards seniors who performed well academically their entire high school career and is based largely on their ACT or SAT tests scores, the sixth semester class size, and their unweighted class rank and GPA. This means that they have the highest SAT scores and GPA out of the whole senior class of 2022.

These wonderful people have put in the hard work and effort in their high school careers that enable them to achieve such a great title. This is an outstanding accomplishments for these three seniors and will be a highlight of their academic record. We are so proud of Gavin, Krescene, and Makinley, and cannot wait to see what they continue to do in their futures! Congrats, you three.