my opinion on junk food

Kieran Jenkins

Junk food; I think we’ve all had a time where we were eating chips or some junk food while we wait for dinner and then didn’t eat the full meal at the table.

I think junk food is good but I just don’t think you can live off of junk food. It does not have the nutrients we need to survive. It’s mostly food we can snack on to just have small stuff to eat but then if we keep eating junk food, it turns in to more than a snack.

Junk food is tasty, it really is, but I feel like people should limit themselves and how much junk food they eat because its easy to eat an unhealthy amount of junk food.

A little bit of junk food is okay to eat, I’m just saying your whole diet should not be just junk food, you need actual food like ham, or turkey, or maybe some steak. I also think fast food should not be something you eat constantly. I would prefer eating at home with family and being loud with my sister as we playfully fight at the dinner table or helping make the food for dinner, as it helps with your cooking skills and helps you for when you might get a house of your own, because fast food and junk food will not be helpful when you move out.