Continue to Dress Warm!

Krescene Holscher, Editor

As we are all aware, the work on the boiler is well underway. With outside temperatures dropping, the building has been pretty consistently cool day after day. Mr. Will recently gave everyone the okay to wear beanies to stay warm. If your ears are apt to freeze, take advantage of the new temporary privilege! I have been a frequent user of hand warmers the past couple of days and I strongly recommend investing in some for yourself.

Some of you may wonder why we cannot just have space heaters in every room. Not only is this against the fire code, but it would pull too many amps and blow breakers in the building. After some complications with the breakers, you may have noticed there are finally some sources of heat in the building! These have made a tremendous difference in the building!

Here’s a fun fact for you. In New York, the Property Maintenance Code of New York State section 602.4 requires that “indoor occupiable workspaces be supplied with heat during the period from September 15th to May 31st to maintain a temperature of not less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the period the spaces are occupied.” Obviously, this is in New York, not Illinois, but it is just interesting to know.