Lights at Leaverton Park


Tyler Dennison, Contributor

Lights are going up at the park already! A lot of peoples favorite time of the year here in Palestine is coming fast. The annual Lighting of the Park will be Friday November, 26. They will light off fireworks at seven pm. Due to continuing Covid restrictions, unfortunately there will be no inside activities. The lights make up for that in my opinion. The Christmas lights here in Palestine are so good that we have people from all over the county come and drive through the park to see them. At the Entrance to the park there is a sign for you to change your radio station to play music along with the lights. We have everything from inflatables to tunnels all the way to the music light too. The Christmas lights will be up for anyone to come and see from Friday, all the way up until New Years Day. So make sure you come and see them before its too late!