Blood Drive

Tyler Dennison, Contributor

The American Red Cross will conduct a blood drive at Palestine High School from 1:30 to 6 p.m. Tuesday November, 30.  Walk-ins at the high school are accepted, but appointments are highly recommended. Student senate members at the high school will take shifts working the entrance for the blood drive. If you think that you shouldn’t donate blood because it wont make a big enough difference, then you should read this. Donating blood one time can save up to three lives. More than one million people a year get diagnosed with cancer, so we could use as many people to donate as possible. Mr. Will has donated several times, and it has amounted to a little over a five gallon bucket of blood. That equates to a little over one hundred and twenty lives saved by just one person. Here at the high school, we host more than one blood drive every school year so its never too late.