Girls OPH Basketball against Dugger


Krescene Hoslcher

The OPH Girls’ Basketball team. The team won their first game Monday night 69-25 against Duggar Union.

Stephanie Rudd, Contributor

This is the beginning of a new basketball team in town. Last night the OPH ladies went against the Dugger bulldogs. Having all three schools combined and 18 players this year, they were hoping for a good turn out. Oh, what it was!

The OPH ladies took the lead early first quarter with multiple steals and getting baskets early on. Once they had the fire in them, there was no going back! The OPH ladies fought until with smarty ball movement and rebounds, by the fourth quarter the Dugger girls were worn out, mostly trying to play catch up the whole game.

The game ended with a score of 69-25 with the OPH ladies taking their first basketball game as a win, as well as winning the first ever game of OPH basketball! Awesome job, ladies, last night each of you played wonderfully!

The next game is this Thursday at 6 o’clock. OPH ladies will be figuring out a student section theme for the home game that night and putting it into the announcements! Hope to see you all there!