Door Decorating Contest Winners


Krescene Holscher

Ms. Wagoner’s door. It has a nice summer vibe.

Shyan Dunlap, author

There was a lot of competitiveness in the door decorating contest this year. Ms. Cutright was working hard to defend her 1st place spot that she has held the past two years in a row. But not only did she have to beat her usual opponents but there was some new faces in the competition this year.

The first place winner for the door decorating contest was not Ms. Cutright but instead it was Mrs. Waggoner and her sunflowers. The door was 3D with something like tissue paper making the sunflowers really pop out at you. This door definitely won first place fair and square.

The second place winner was still not Ms. Cutright but Mrs. Hyde won this spot in the door decorating contest. Mrs. Hydes door had a few ears of corn and signs saying “hayride” and “corn maze” and “pumpkin patch.” The part of her door that your eye really gets drawn to is the pumpkins and scarecrow outside her door in the hallway that really brings it all together.

In third place was in fact Ms. Cutright, although she did not win at least she placed on the podium. Her door showed a tree with leaves falling around it with the words ” Happy Fall Y’all” on the door. Despite not getting first place like she had hoped her door still looked great.