Behind the Scenes of a Boy’s Basketball Practice


Gavin Postlewaite

It’s that time, boys basketball has started. This is the first year of OPH basketball. There is also a new coach, Harry Marshall. He has been a basketball player all his life, playing in grade and high school, playing for ISU, and even going further than that and playing internationally. You might’ve heard, but didn’t believe, that practices are three hours long; starting at 4:30 and ending around 7:30. They are going to be three hours for three weeks in preparation for the upcoming games. We start off by free shooting around to get warmed up. When practice actually starts we begin by doing our stretch routine, really focusing on the legs. After that we do our ball dribbling routines and then jump straight into practice. Typically practice involves a lot of running, but also a lot of drills. Coach teaches a lot about the game and knows what he’s talking about. One of the worst things about it however is typically there’s only one water break for the entire time. I get real thirsty. We should be pretty good this year as a result of all the hard work and definitely well conditioned. Hope to see everyone in the crowd at the games.