Appreciate How Fortunate We Are


Be appreciative.

Gavin Postlewaite

John D. Rockefeller is easily the richest man in American history, he is estimated to be worth around $400 billion in today’s money. He lived from 1839 to 1937. In many aspects all of us are way better off than he ever was however. Rockefeller didn’t have many of the vast comforts and resources we enjoy today. He couldn’t even dream about being able to use the internet, traveling 55 mph in a car, going to Walmart when you need something, air conditioning in the summer, and the list goes on and on. We are in a time in history when any information you want is easily accessible and anything is truly possible. Don’t take this lightly and disregard all the amazing simple things in life we take for granted sometimes. All of us at some point get so focused on all the bad things going on in life. This is simply not productive or healthy and goes against the law of attraction. You attract what you focus on. Next time you’re having a bad day, just know that you probably have a better life than the richest man in American history.