Team Quest Competition

Krescene Holscher, Editor

District schools have been participating in the annual Team Quest hosted by ROE #12 at the Central Christian Church in Lawrenceville. The grade-schoolers kicked off the event last Friday. Palestine High School got their shot at the trophy on Tuesday this week. Palestine sent two teams this year. The A Team consisted of Gavin Postlewaite, Krescene Holscher, Alysa Kennedy, and Kaden McCormack. The B Team included Ahlya Abel, Jack Hawkins, Peyton Pittenger, and Holden Sipes.

Team Quest is a friendly competition that focuses on engineering and innovative thought processing skills in a group setting. Students must use critical thinking skills to solve issues with minimal resources. It also focuses on strengthening science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The theme this year was Learning Olympiads. Some of the events teams participated in included Hungry Hungry Hippos, a paper airplane folding contest, and the tallest tower building contest.

Neither of the Palestine teams placed, but a great effort was put forth by both.