Winter is almost here!

Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

My opinion on winter is not the best, but there isn’t anything anyone can do to fix it.

In Mrs. Inboden’s room, she puts on a fireplace, which makes me happy but I’m still cold. The one thing I hate when winter comes is the coldness it brings. I always will recommend wearing coats and getting into warmer clothes.

I feel like it should not be this cold before winter even is here. I feel like it should be a bit warmer instead of the off and on of warmish weather and cold weather.

To stay warm at school, you can drink hot drinks to warm up or you can when the heater is on stand near where the heat is coming from so you aren’t so cold. Just remember to try to stay warm. With winter coming around, you might want to get your winter gear ready so you won’t be cold.