Peyton’s Feature

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Peyton Pittenger thinks high school is easier than he thought it would be. He says although grade school was easier than high school, his grades have stayed the same,for the most part, throughout high school and grade school. He likes being at high school better than being at the grade school. He’s been doing very well in school, making honor roll every quarter.

Peyton’s favorite subject is Biology because he likes all the cool things they do in that class.  His least favorite subject is Spanish. He is in Team Quest this year.  He says he doesn’t have a favorite lunch, and he usually eats sac lunch.

Outside of school, Peyton’s favorite movie is Major Payne, and he’s liked that movie since he was little. His favorite video game is Warzone, and he plays it all the time after school and on the weekends. His favorite color is blue.

While Peyton is happy and content with where he’s at right now, after high school he plans on going into trade school with his dad and brother.