Haunted Halls

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

PHS Drama Club had just three and a half hours Friday afternoon to prepare a Haunted Halls that would frighten whoever entered.  Judging from the steady stream of screaming visitors that were led through PHS from 7 to 10 pm, they succeeded.

From the tunnel in the gym to the eerie main hallway and holiday themed rooms upstairs, visitors encountered Slender Man, chainsaws, a bloody Santa, caged screaming girls, and ill-tempered clowns, sending most visitors scrambling down the main stairs towards the front door exit. In fact, more than a few visitors had to be escorted out because they were too scared to continue.

The approximately two dozen students involved with the planning and execution of Haunted Halls this year really put in the time and work for things to go as well as they did.  The dozens of kids and adults who visited this year’s Haunted Halls said that the experience was well worth the admission. Now the pressure’s on the Drama Club to put on an even better show next year!