Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Over the next few weeks, between now and Thanksgiving, PHS is getting a new boiler and everything from the old heating system is being taken out of the boiler room.

The school is going to go through a cold front while we’re waiting for the new heating system to be put in. The temperatures will be below freezing several nights next week. I think every teacher should have a couple blankets in their room just in case people get cold. Everyone should wear sweatshirts or at least long sleeve shirts because it’s going to be cold.

Everyone should be warned and prepared for what’s coming to us this coming week. So everyone, if you’re reading this, dress warmly for the next few weeks until the new boiler is installed and PHS once again has heat.

According to Mr. Will, “This is an exciting upgrade for our building as we’ll have a more efficient heating system.”