Lady Tigers Fall to Cumberland


Lady Tigers getting ready to play defense against Robinson

Stephanie Rudd, Contributor

Last night the Lady Tigers went up against the Cumberland Pirates during their regional tournament that has been going on the past few days. Sadly last night was the Tigers last game for the season. Overall I think the Tigers did an outstanding job both on and off the court during the season. The Lady Tigers lost 2-0 last night against Cumberland but had put up a battle all the way till the end. In the first set Cumberland won by 18 points and in the second match Cumberland won again by 12 points. The Lady Tigers ended their season with a Win-Loss record of 14 wins and 8 losses during their season. They won 9 home games lost 3, won 5 away and lost 4, and lost 1 neutral game throughout the season. We are proud of the Lady Tigers amazing season and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for them!