Complaining: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Keisha Wiseman, Contributor

Today I am going to be talking about complaining. 


Complaining is a natural thing that everyone has to do at some point. It is okay to complain. The thing about complaining is that it does relieve some stress that is built up, but there’s a catch to it: you see some people like to complain to people about some things, just so they can relieve some stress like I just mentioned, but other people like to take it a bit too far.

 For example, it is normal to complain, but you really should not put your pain above anyone else’s pain level, because you do not need to put them down or make them feel like their pain is not that bad. Even if their pain is not that bad, you should still be there for them to help cheer them up because you do not know how that pain is making them feel right now. I talked to a few people and almost all of them gave me the same answers: “We do not like to talk about our pain because someone would always compare it to what they feel like is worse.” 

Putting down someone else’s pain to make you feel empathy for them is not okay. Everyone deserves to feel some type of empathy, but if you are not going to feel empathy for someone else then why should they feel empathy for you? Exactly. They should not, and that is because some people believe that since they can not talk to you about their feelings and their pain then why should we have to listen to that person’s thoughts and feelings. It is not right, and it is not okay to make anyone feel less than all because of one person feeling like they are above everyone through pain tolerance, which really does not make any sense at all.

Everyone has different pain tolerances, but that does not mean you should make them feel worse about themselves because chances are that after they tell you that, then they would not want to talk to you about their feelings anymore. It’s sad, to be honest, because people should feel the need to talk about how they feel, but they can not do that without someone wanting to compare them.

My point  is that it is okay to complain but also feel a little bit of empathy for someone who’s going to be there for you because chances are they won’t always be there for you if you don’t give them back the same energy that they are giving to you.