Get Involved: The Art of Joining

Katie Lanham, Editor

As a senior, people have asked me to give advice to underclassmen, and although I haven’t a clue why they would ask me, there’s always one thing that comes to mind: Get involved. Sometimes I’m asked if I maybe have too much on my plate, but I really think getting involved with as much as possible in high school is one of the better decisions I’ve made. The skills learned and connections made are invaluable experiences that will stick around a lot longer than any memories of nights spent home alone. That’s not to say that you need to overload yourself with teams and activities, but it’s important to put yourself out there.

It can be hard to start new things, both as a freshman and as an upperclassman. This year I started cheerleading, and it’s been really fun, but also kind of terrifying. When starting something new this late in the game, people tend to assume you know what to do, but there’s a lot to learn. Sometimes it can be hard to feel like a part of the group when everyone else has been a team for years. The best thing to keep in mind in those situations is that it isn’t ever intentional, and once you really feel like a part of the team or organization, it’s worth it. The important thing is to try, and give everything you do your best effort.

The only way to really know what you like is to try everything, in my opinion. You could be the greatest actress to ever walk the planet, and you would never know if you let nerves get in the way of being on stage. (Quick Drama Club note: Auditions are Oct 18th and 19th, with lunch and after-school options. Give it a try!) A passion for music might be forever undiscovered if you never tried band. Point being, we have so many clubs and teams at PHS, and there’s so many opportunities, let alone the age-old parent argument that extracurriculars look good on college applications!

It’s so important to join and participate in the events that happen throughout the four years that we can call PHS home. That means go to the dances, join the clubs, have fun during homecoming week, and go to support the teams you aren’t on. Newsflash: Participation is cool. It isn’t impressive or edgy to cut off your own opportunities and miss the best parts of high school.