OPH Breaks Three-Season Losing Streak


Krescene Holscher

The scoreboard displaying the final score of the game. Graydon Kincaid’s excitement can also be seen.

Krescene Holscher, Editor

Anyone who was in the stands at the OPH football game in Palestine this weekend certainly picked a good game to attend. With kick-off at 1 p.m. on Saturday the 16th, OPH came out with an early lead, ending the first quarter out with a 32-0 advantage against the Dugger, Indiana Bulldogs. Come halftime, OPH still had the lead at 46-0.

A few students at Palestine High School organized a Pink-Out and student-participation drawing for the game. The student body of Palestine High School did not disappoint. The feeling sitting in the student section was electrifying. There was so much energy and excitement radiating through the expressions on everyone’s face. There were cowbells ringing non-stop, cheering on our football players. The hand-made signs were being propelled into the air all afternoon. The students were screaming and yelling their hearts out.

I reached out to Principle Will for a statement on the effects of the pink-out and student giveaway. Mr. Will said, “Pink-Out was a HUGE success. We had strong student presence at the OPH football and their impact could be heard and the score displayed that. I am so proud of our OPH student community and hope it translates to other sports. We will continue the Super Student giveaway for OPH girls basketball to promote continued student engagement.”

With a few seconds on the board, it set in that the big moment was happening. Three seasons coming, the OPH football team broke the dry spell. OPH won the electric game 54-0. As soon as the clock ran out, fans from the student section poured onto the field, congratulating the team as they began celebrating their victory, an emotional and memorable moment.