Freshmen Spotlight: Holden Sipes


Wesley Adams, Features

This week’s Freshmen Spotlight is Holden Sipes.

I chose Holden because he is one of my favorite out of all of the freshmen, and so I asked him some questions about what his favorite classes are, his favorite teachers, and a few more questions as well. He told me that his favorite class out of all of them is Biology, and his favorite teacher is Mr. Ochs. I asked him what he likes to do in his free time, and he said that he loves to play basketball, hangout with his friends and family, and play video games, then I asked him what he loves most of all about high school and he loves all the things that we do for Homecoming Week, like Jag Day and other exciting events we do at PHS because he never got to do anything like this in middle school. All around, Holden is such a really nice, funny kid, so I hope he has a great future coming to him.