Shattered Nightmares Haunted House

Shyan Dunlap, Editor

Shattered Nightmares is a haunted house in Terre Haute, Indiana. The address is 1609 Lafayette Ave. It’s pretty hard to miss with the intimidating green lights surrounding the building. The haunt was $15 per person, which is a very appropriate price. ranked Shattered Nightmares as #1 scariest haunt in Indiana, and awarded them the Best Memorable Scare, and best hiding spots awards in 2015. They also won the best hiding spot awards in 2014, 2013 and 2012.

The house itself was great, but the wait in line was not so great. My four person group waited in line for a total of two hours, we finally got into the house around 1am, but I have to admit the wait was in fact well worth it. My friend actually got the crap scared out of him and farted during a pretty scary part of the haunt which made all of us lose our cool but the professional actress that scared him surprisingly didn’t break character.

There were body parts hanging from the ceiling and lots of dark spooky hallways. Shattered Nightmares is by far one of my favorite haunts to go to yearly, sometimes even multiple times a year. One fun and unusual thing about Shattered Nightmares is that they often open for more holidays than just Halloween. One year they did a Valentines Day haunted house and another year they did one for St. Patrick’s Day.