Hygiene: Important for Success!

Kieran Jenkins, Contributor

Hygiene is really important for everyone no matter what.

I’m sure everyone has their opinions about their own personal hygiene, but sometimes you just have to improve more on it, like washing your face every morning.  Brushing your teeth more is important for some people, but the one thing that should be more important than anything is showers.

I think instead of baths people should take showers because sometimes in a bath your sitting down in your own filth.  I feel like when you take a shower you are not sitting down in dirty water but standing under the shower head.

If you don’t have soap or body wash, Keirsten’s Kloset is right here at school for you to use. If you don’t think you can shower at home, you can always ask Mr Will if you can use the showers in the gym, and he might let you.

I believe you should focus on your hygiene to keep up your appearance, so then you won’t get made fun of or so people don’t start to avoid you for smelling.

Your hygiene that you should look after is:

  • brushing your teeth
  • showering
  • washing your clothes