Meet Peg Waggoner: PHS’s Smiling Secretary


Makinley Bonesteel

Peg Wagoner, secretary of PHS.

Makinley Bonesteel, Editor

Peg Waggoner… she opens the door when you buzz in, she enjoys company, and is always willing to have a good laugh.  You may know her from Peg & Red’s, but she is now PHS’s secretary.  She’s the one that does all of the behind-the-scene stuff that no one thinks about.  Peg is the first person you go to when you enter the school and would be the first line of defense for the safety of the students and staff.  I went to visit with Peg, (she loves when students come and see her) and asked a few more in depth questions that not everyone might know.  When asked what she likes best about her job position, Peg responded, “Seeing all of you guys, that’s what I love best, I love you guys.”  Every staff member here at PHS cares for their students, and Peg is a great example of that.

Recently, the secretary’s office got moved to a different place in the school.  Some people like it better than others so I decided to get her direct input on how she felt about her own office getting moved to a much different location.  Peg just wishes it was bigger.  She likes her office but just wishes it was larger so she could get everybody in her office to talk to them all at the same time.

Covid, sicknesses, quarantining, and absences are all part of the new normal for a school secretary.  Everybody is constantly in and out of her office.  It’s hard to keep up with all of the craziness but Peg handles it well.

Peg wants everyone to know that her job is fun.  She loves her job, the students and staff, and the school itself.

Make sure you stop in and say hello to Peg, she loves the visitors!