When to Decorate for Halloween


Michlynn Churchwell

This is one of the houses that decorated for Halloween.

Michlynn Churchwell

A lot of people around town already started decorating by October 1st. I personally decorated my house September 30th. I went and bought all the decorations for the house then put them up the same day.

Some of the things people used to decorate amazed me. I saw plenty of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and skeletons. Some people even had blow up Halloween decorations. A lot of people just had plain pumpkins waiting to be carved, and one person had skeletons dangling off the roof hanging for their “life.” One person had a graveyard in their front yard, and some had spider webs on their bushes. My house personally had spiders in the spider webs all over the bushes. Some people had stuff hanging from trees, but mostly everybody had stuff on the ground or propped up against stuff. There were plenty of blow up decorations but I couldn’t get many pictures because they weren’t blown up yet. I saw many cool decorations, and I might go around again next year and look at everyone’s decorations.

I think the perfect time to decorate is September 30 through October 30. I think you should be decorating by at least October 30, if you are going to decorate. I’ve already seen plenty of houses with decorations out already. It’s only October 4 and many people around town have them out. The appropriate time to decorate is October first if you really are a Halloween fan. If not, decorate when you want, just make sure it’s before Halloween!