OPH football vs. Dugger


OPH and Dugger coming together at the end of the game for a prayer.

Gavin Postlewaite, Contributor

The game started at 6 on Saturday, which was at Dugger. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect to start the game, not too cold but not too hot. Dugger had about the same number of players we had, 18. They won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball first. Our team locked them up and got the ball back though. Dugger would eventually score the first touchdown and converted the two point conversion. We would get the ball back and score sometime later in the 2nd quarter. We went for the two point conversion but didn’t convert. The score at halftime was 6-8. It would stay this way the entire game with both teams making long drives down the field, but never finding the end zone again. When OPH got the ball with 1:30 left on the clock, the excitement was buzzing. We drove all the way down the field to their 10 yard line, but ran out of time to score. This was Dugger’s first win in five years.