Homecoming Football Game; OPH vs. Walter Christian Academy

Gavin Postlewaite

On Saturday the 18th, OPH took on Walter Christian Academy. They were from Mel rose Park, up by Chicago. The game started at 1:00 and the temperatures were soaring. Both teams didn’t go through their normal pre-game warm-ups, just to conserve energy. OPH lost the coin toss, but started the game out with the ball. Our defense was really solid to start the game out, making them punt multiple times. However it was WCA who scored the first touchdown. The score at halftime was 9-0 after WCA kicked a last second field goal to end the half. OPH came out after half time doing well, but the game started to slip after a few stupid penalties and mistakes. OPH was also tired due to not many players on the team and high temperatures. We scored in the 3rd quarter but it was called back, for illegal formation; two of our running back went in motion at the same time. The final score was 29-0, with WCA winning.