Thursday’s homecoming activity: Volleyball!



Junior Elliot Meadows is going up for the spike during HOCO volleyball. The juniors beat the freshman during that game.

Makinley Bonesteel, Editor

Students have participated in daily homecoming games all week during WIN to get points for their class.  Today’s game was coed volleyball, a school favorite.  Students were faced with the potential game change this morning.  Instead of volleyball, it would be dodge ball.  PHS students are so passionate about HOCO volleyball that the idea of the change did not go over so well.  Sorry, Mr. Will!  6 people from each class played at a time.  The first team to 9 points won.  The results of Volleyball:

Game #1: Sophomores against juniors.  Juniors won.

Game #2: Seniors against freshman.  Seniors won.

Game #3: Freshman against sophomores.  Sophomores won.

Game #4: Seniors against juniors.  Seniors won.

Which means your winner is…. SENIORS!!! Congrats!