Rulers of the School: Homecoming King and Queen


Susan Hyde

King, Gavin Postlewaite, and queen, Makinley Bonesteel, are posing for their picture as new royalty. Homecoming king and Queen are voted on by all classes.

Katie Lanham, Editor

Every year, each class selects a few lucky students to be on homecoming court. The king and queen are voted for by the whole school from the senior class attendants, and the winners are announced at the Homecoming game. The senior attendants this year were Stephanie Rudd, Halle Piper, Makinley Bonesteel, Krescene Holscher, Gavin Postlewaite, Tyler Dennison, Wesley Adams, and Rider Lawhorn.

At the football game, the attendants from all of the classes were introduced, ending with the announcement of our winners, Queen Makinley Bonesteel and King Gavin Postlewaite. The two were crowned, and endured many pictures before ruling over the dance that night. Congratulations, Gavin and Makinley!!!