Freshman Spotlight: New Year New Me


Destinee Mahlmeister, Contributor

The focus of our Freshman Spotlight this week is Alix Bennet. She is an amazing and talented girl who is ready to take on her freshman year! Alix says that in her first week of high school, there is a lot more drama than there was in grade school.  Alix said that her favorite part of high school is lunch, while her least favorite is Geometry. “No offense to Mr. Logan, though,” she said. She says that what she is looking forward to most is to graduate early.

Alix says that her favorite class is Biology and that their favorite teacher is a tie between Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hyde.

She is currently involved in the Art club and Drama Club and later this year is planning to join Scholastic Bowl.

When Alix is outside of school shes likes to play DnD or Dungeons and Dragons and work on clothes.

Her plans for after high school are to become a fashion designer and maybe publish a few books.

We wish our wonderful freshman a good start to the year and many more to come.