Vandalism At Leaverton Park

Destinee Mahlmeister, Contributor

On September 4, vandals damaged Leaverton Park in Palestine, mainly damaging the areas around the restrooms.

Five toilet tanks and toilet tank lids were damaged and the drain pipes to all the urinals were broken, along with the drain pipes of one of the restroom sinks. The north area bathroom had two toilet tank lids destroyed, and one of the sink water lines was broken. In the south arena bathroom, one urinal inlet pipe was broken, along with one urinal drain pipe.

In addition to the restroom damanage, a soda machine, several trash cans, and several port-a-potties were tipped over.

Electrical breakers were also turned off throughout the campground and park.

Currently, police do not know who is responsible for the vandalism.  A $1,000 reward is being offered for anyone who helps the police find the culprit. If you know anything about what has happened, please either call Crawford County Dispatch (618-546-1515) or text the Text-a-tip Hotline (812-648-0727).