OPH vs Shelbyville

Rider Lawhorn, Contributor

The OPH football team just recently played against Shelbyville. This matchup was not an easy one for the team to play against, but at the start of the game, things were looking pretty good for OPH. Shelbyville started off with the ball, but couldn’t do to much because OPH’s defense was looking very promising.  As the game went on, Shelbyville scored first, and OPH had the ball at the 10 yard line which wasn’t too good for them. They managed to put together a solid drive before punting the ball, and at this point their defense was still very good. Shelbyville started to throw the ball a lot more, and as a result they scored more. OPH got locked up to the point where they couldn’t do too much and so they had to punt the ball. As the game got closer to ending, OPH had a problem of not having very many healthy players. They ended up losing agaisnt Shelbyville by a very large margin, but they all played very hard and had a good time.